From Here & Away // Photobook Trailer

I am pleased to announce that I am releasing a limited edition photo book at the end of August called From Here & Away. This is the real deal and I could not be more excited. I have worked extremely hard on this project over the last year and it is finally ready. The first thing I would like to show you is the photo book trailer I put together with video I’ve filmed over the last year and a half. It will give you a sense of what the book is about and is very brief, just over a minute. So if you have a minute, take a peek. There is also an extended description about the book and it’s purpose and message under the video. I also composed and recorded the music that you hear on the video. 

I’ll be releasing the cover and more information about the book in the coming weeks. For now enjoy the trailer and keep your eyes peeled for more. This is really the most proud I have ever been of anything I’ve ever made. I am very excited for you all to see it. 

Please send me an email at to find out how to reserve your copy. 

Thank you